About the Designer

Bhavna Jagwani is indeed an exceptional individual, with talents spanning design, humanitarian work, and entrepreneurship. Her journey towards humanitarian efforts was sparked by a life-altering experience during her third pregnancy. Bhavna lost her vision due to a medical reaction but miraculously regained it after a month. This transformative event inspired her to establish the Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan (EBSR) in 2002.




The EBSR has since played a significant role in restoring vision to over 10,000 individuals. In 2013, Bhavna further extended her philanthropic endeavors by initiating the Deceased Organ Donation and Transplant program in Rajasthan. This program, known as MFJCF (in partnership with the MOHAN Foundation and Jaipur Citizen Forum), aimed to facilitate organ donations and transplants, providing hope and a new lease of life to those in need.

In addition to her humanitarian work, Bhavna ventured into the world of jewelry design, founding Mehr Fine Jewellery. Despite lacking formal education in jewelry, she showcased her innate talent and passion for design. Drawing inspiration from her exposure to various cultures and places during her upbringing, Bhavna began by creating unique pieces for family and friends. Her exceptional designs eventually gained recognition and found a place among a discerning audience.

Remarkably, Bhavna adeptly manages her personal life, creative business ventures, and philanthropic endeavors. She considers herself blessed, and her gratitude has manifested into the essence of 'Mehr,' which signifies God's grace. Bhavna and her talented team at Mehr Fine Jewellery have been honored with numerous awards from prestigious organizations throughout the country.


Bhavna Jagwani’s  Credence

She believes in recycling precious human organs, just like we recycle plastic waste worldwide. Instead of discarding them through burial or burning, she emphasizes their life-giving potential and the ability to contribute even after death. Through Mehr Fine Jewellery, Bhavna allocates a portion of proceeds to social welfare, inspiring others to make a difference. Her advocacy highlights the transformative impact of organ donation and the power to create a compassionate society. Bhavna's commitment exemplifies the profound value of recycling precious organs and leaving a lasting legacy of generosity.