About Mehr Jewellery




 Mehr jewellery creates unique and breathtaking jewellery to be part of a woman’s most precious moments in their life. Our timeless jewels are customized and perfectly handmade to provide the most exclusive shopping experience to our valuable clients. The trust of our customers and decades of experience sets us apart from everybody. Our ‘finest jewels’ are exquisitely handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen. The niche designs are a delight to the eye and will absolutely leave you feeling awestruck.


Our inspiration comes from our beautiful heritage, art and & culture which has been derived from generation to generation to keep alive the elegance of the Art form. . Our major artistry comes in the combination of luxury and royalty, and to make our clients feel comfortable wearing their precious

jewellery pieces. Our exquisitely designs are beautifully handcrafted by our skilled craftsman with dedication and precision to make each jewellery piece perfect to the core.

We adore our each jewellery piece perfect to the core.


 We adore our each and every piece of jewellery and recreate new designs from our own old jewellery pieces. We are very proud of every jewellery design which we have created.


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